Thursday, August 09, 2007

I dreamt of rain last night.....

I dreamt of rain last night. Sheets and sheets of water drenching me to the skin. A storm brewing. The thrill of shattering vibrations. Strands of lightning licking the midnight sky. Splashes of sizzling electricity slicing the darkness.
The storm calms me. I like the serenity I feel inside with all the energy I feel outside. Life-giving energy, life-taking energy, violent energy. I feel a kick in me. A sudden one, a strong one and I want to move, sway, with the rhythm of the water, feel it on my body. Touching me like someone’s hands. I like how it feels on my skin, rolling and sliding.
There is profound elation. I don’t know why? Its all so real. I feel the energy transferred to me. Am I willing the heavens to open? Willing them to pour their essence into me? I can feel the energy in my sleep and I remember wanting to wake up and see the rain.
It rained this morning!