Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Does a kind word hide a hidden agenda? Do favours given mean liberties expected? Does concern hide an obsession? Does rain cloak death? And does the sun always burn?

Its a mad, unpredictable, confusing world and we live crazy, chaotic loud, screaming lives. A phone call tells you that someone is thinking of you, or does it say that someone is watching you, following you?

Someone says no and someone ignores it. Someone breaks trust and someone looks the other way. Another excuses it, justifies it. Where is trust? Where is faith? Where is the ability to believe?

Where is unconditional love? Where is the need to keep the other happy? Where is sacrifice and the unconditional joy of giving? Have we grown so old? Are our memory of such things just that... a memory?

Its a new day though... or maybe its yesterday... who can say. Age takes it toll, there is confusion, memory deserts...