Friday, June 23, 2006

The Magnificent One.

For I am the First and the Last,
I am the Venerated and the Despised,
I am the Prostitute and the Saint,
I am the Wife and the Virgin,
I am the Mother and the Daughter,
I am the arms of my Mother,
I am Barren and my Children are amny,
I am the Married Woman and I am the Spinster,
I am the woman who gives birth and
She who never procreated,
I am the Consolation for the Pain of birth,
I am the Wife and the Husband,
And it was my Man who created Me,
I am the Mother of my Father,
I am the Sister of my Husband,
And He is my Rejected Son,
Always Respect Me,
For I am the Shameful and,
The Magnificent One.

Hymn to Isis, 3rd or 4th Century B.C, Discovered in Nag Hammadi


mrinalini said...

hi darling..
that was beautiful! more so because it is an ode, an acknowledgment of the essence of the Isis in every woman..gnostics, its readers/believers gee!! they gotta be the ones to change the face of the biggest meme in d world.. beautiful words!!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara said...

quite thoughtful..

and best part it connoted different things to different people...
so useful for everyone!